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Corporate Car Rentals

Looking for efficient mobility solutions for your business? Avis Peru offers you a comprehensive car rental service for companies, designed to optimize your operations, increase the productivity of your employees and reduce costs.

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Avis Flex

Special rates to attend to those multi-month projects with immediate delivery of the vehicle.

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Do you want to optimize the mobility of your company without investing in your own fleet? Avis Perú Operational Leasing offers you a flexible and efficient solution to access the vehicles you need, without the burdens and responsibilities of ownership.

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Pick-ups with mine equipment

If you need to visit mining clients or clients in similar sectors that require a higher level of safety in vehicles, we have our pick-up trucks specially prepared with equipment for mines so that you can access without problems and achieve your sales objectives.

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International Reservations

At Avis Peru we have access to special rates for our clients who want to rent a car abroad, especially if you want to travel to the United States, where it is generally mandatory to rent a car to get around.

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