Is an international driver's license needed to drive in Peru?

An international driver's license is not required in Peru. You can drive using your home country's license for up to 6 months after entering the country.

Important Note: Immigration officials might grant you a shorter stay than 6 months upon arrival. In that case, your valid driving period with your home country's license would be limited to that shorter stay.

Can I travel to other cities in Peru with the car rented from Avis?

Hit the road in Peru with Avis! You can travel freely with most of our rental cars and SUVs. Just keep in mind:

  • Unpaved roads? Opt for a 4x4 truck for a smoother ride.
  • Road trip adventure? Small engine vehicles like the Kia Picanto are not recommended for traveling outside of Lima.

Can I cross the border with the vehicle rented at Avis Peru?

You cannot leave Peruvian territory with a rented car.

Do I have to pay IGV (sales tax) when I rent a car in Peru If I am a foreigner?

Yes, even if you are a foreigner tourist you have to pay IGV (sales tax) when renting a car in Peru.

What is the amount of guarantee (hold amount) requested per vehicle on the credit card?

To know the current amounts please review the table in the section Guarantee section at the Terms & Conditions page.

I have a new car/SUV, can I rent it with you?

No, we only work with our own vehicles.

Can I leave the rented vehicle in another city?

Need to return the car in a different city? No problem! We offer Drop-off Service to destinations like Arequipa or Cusco. Just coordinate and confirm in advance to know the fee and availability.

Which are the rental requirements?

To rent a car at Avis Peru you will need:

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Valid ID: DNI, Passport or Peruvian Foreign Resident Card.
  • Valid Driver's License with at least one year of issue.
  • Credit card in physical form and with numbering to guarantee the rental.

What should I do if a police officer asks me to stop?

Rest assured that the paperwork for the vehicle rented from Avis Peru is completely in order. The Peruvian police can stop you in case of a flagrant violation or if they are doing security checks. If a police officer stops you, simply follow their instructions:

1. Hand over your documents and those of the vehicle:

Verify that they are returning all the documents you gave them, sometimes one can get lost among so many documents.

2. Remember that the vehicle given to you by Avis Peru has all its documents in order:

If the police officer tells you otherwise, please contact us for advice.

3. If you cannot contact us:

Politely ask to go to the police station: if everything is ok, the police officer will allow you to continue at that time.

4. Under no circumstances pay any fines directly to the police officer or any other authority:

The Peruvian police are not authorized to collect any type of fine.

5. If you really committed an infraction:

Receive the infraction, try to pay it online on the SAT website (Servicio de Administración Tributaria) and present the infraction and the proof of payment when you return the rented vehicle.

How much mileage (kilometers) can I travel with the rented car?

By default (unless stated otherwise), Avis Peru rentals on https://www.avisperu.com/en/ come with 260 free kilometers (around 161 miles) per day. This is usually plenty for most trips!

Need more mileage? No problem! In step 3 of your reservation, you can choose the Unlimited Mileage option (not available for Kia Picanto or similar city cars).

Curious about the cost per extra kilometer? Just look below the car image in step 4 of your reservation for the current rate.

What type of fuel do your vehicles use?

The cars and SUVs (not pick-ups trucks) in the Avis Peru rental fleet use gasoline. Gasoline in Peru can be "Regular" or "Premium": every vehicle with a Turbo or Hybrid engine must be supplied with Premium Gasoline and it is also recommended to use Premium Gasoline when traveling outside of Lima to guarantee the purity of the fuel and ensure that the vehicle has good performance.

Never use the term “Petrol” to refer to gasoline, in Peru “Petrol” means “Diesel” and could end up damaging the vehicle.

In the case of open trucks (pick-ups), the fuel they use is diesel.

In Peru, a service station employee will fill the fuel, but always check what fuel they are fueling your vehicle with.

We do not have gas vehicles, whether NGV or LPG.

Do you have Pet Friendly vehicles?

Bring the whole family along! At Avis Peru, we're pet-friendly. Your furry (or feathered) friend can join the adventure in your rental car or SUV.

Just keep in mind:

  • To ensure a smooth experience for future travelers, please return the vehicle clean and free of pet hair.
  • Excessive dirt may incur a cleaning fee.

Ready for a pawsome adventure? Book your pet-friendly rental today!

Is insurance / coverage / protection mandatory?

While we recommend additional protection or coverage for your rental, it's not mandatory. The choice is yours!