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Frequent Travel Programs

Your car rentals in Avis Peru allow you to accumulate miles with your favorite airlines, find out how here.

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Flights Crew

Are you a member of LATAM, Sky, JetSmart, Avianca, Star Perú, American Airlines? It doesn't really matter which airline you are from: all crew members of national and international airlines can rent a vehicle at Avis Peru at a preferential rate: 20% discount on the base rate of the car in the entire

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Referral Program

Spread the Travel Love & Earn your Reward!Recommend Avis Peru car rentals to your family, friends, or colleagues and enjoy a 15% discount on your next rental! 

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Corporate Partners

Next you will find here the new agreements that we will have with different companies and institutions.

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GoIntegro Corporate Discounts

Si en donde trabajas están asociados a GoIntegro entonces ya tienes un descuento asegurado con Avis Perú. Revisa el app de tu programa de beneficios corporativos o consulta con tu área de Recursos Humanos, para que conozcas como hacer uso de este beneficio.

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